Below, I’ve cross-posted my video tutorials from my YouTube channel. Everything in one place for your convenience! You can explore them by scrolling, or navigate directly to one that interests you in the list below.

  Fantasy nail art decals  |  Cheeky Valentine’s Day nail art |  Steampunk filigree          Review of my Top 10 ILNP polishes from 2015  |  The Babadook  |  Cthulhu   |  Alien forest     Autumn trees  | Maleficent drag marble |  Medieval stained glass  |  Triangle shards

Top 10 ILNP polishes of 2015


Fantasy nail art decals: tutorial and review


Cheeky Valentine’s Day nail decals: tutorial and review


Steampunk filigree nail art


The Babadook nail art


Cthulhu nail art


Autumn tree nail art


Alien forest nail art


Medieval stained glass


Maleficent-inspired drag marble


Triangle shards

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