All polishes are in like new condition unless otherwise stated. Contact me to work out shipping prices (worldwide) and discounts for bulk orders.

Payment (including shipping costs) via PayPal or in person if you plan to pick them up.

High-street brands (OPI, Essie, etc.)


Orly – 5 CHF

  • Fowl Play (purple) SOLD
  • Hip and Trendy (teal)
  • Glow Stick (neon yellow)


  • Is Mai Tai Crooked? (peach)
  • OPI with a Nice Finnish (copper)
  • Dark Side of the Mood (dark grey) SOLD
  • Don’t Forget the Cannoli (white)

China Glaze – 6 CHF

  • Refresh-Mint (mint green)
  • I Choo-Choo Choose You (shimmery grey-gold)
  • Beauty and the Beach (metallic teal)
  • Point me to the Party (mixed glitter)
  • Blue Iguana (Dark blue shimmer)
  • Let’s Dew It (blue glitter) SOLD

Deborah Lippmann – 6 CHF

  • 99 Luftballoon (red with rainbow glitter)

Zoya – 6 CHF

  • Zuza (teal)
  • Monet (pastel glitter)
  • Brittany (pink; matte)

Lime Crime pastel neons – 5 CHF

  • Lavendairy (purple)
  • Peaches
  • Parfait Day (pink)
  • Crema di Limon (yellow)
  • Pastelchio (green)

Essie – 6 CHF

  • Zip Me Up (light green)
  • Spun in Luxe (black matte with blue shimmer)
  • Oh Behave! (shimmery peach)

Boutique brands – 6 CHF


  • Superchic Lacquer: Entertaining Angels (red, pink and blue glitter mix)
  • Superchic Lacquer: The Quickening (red, purple, and blue glitter mix) SOLD
  • Superchic Lacquer: Sweet Surrender (green and pink glitter mix) SOLD
  • KBShimmer: You Go Ghoul (black with purple and orange Halloween glitter)
  • KBShimmer: Black Pearl (black with sterling silver finish) SOLD
  • Delush Polish: The Priestess (reddish brown with copper glitter)
  • Colors by Llarowe: Chasing a Unicorn (white base polish & holographic topper; 10 CHF for the set)
  • Colors by Llarowe: Caviar Wishes & Keanu Reeves Dreams (purple holographic)
  • Nine Zero Lacquer: Black Cove (black with silver glitter) SOLD
  • Cirque: Himalayan Pink (rose gold) SOLD
  • F.U.N. Lacquer: Cosmopolitan (Pink with holographic glitter; LiveLovePolish exclusive)
  • Glam Polish: Scorpio (yellow holographic) SOLD
  • ILNP: That Other Girl (copper holographic) SOLD
  • ILNP: Shoreline (light blue with sterling silver finish) SOLD
  • ILNP: Rolling Hills (mint green with sterling silver finish) SOLD
  • ILNP: Pink Mimosa (pink with sterling silver finish) SOLD

Assorted minis and nail art polishes


OPI nail art & texture polishes – 3 CHF

  • Get Your Number (blue; texture; 50% full)
  • I’m Never Amberrassed (sheer amber)
  • I Can Teal You Like Me (sheer teal)
  • Indigo Motif (sheer navy)
  • Don’t Violet Me Down (sheer purple)
  • Can’t Let Go (purple; texture; 50% full) SOLD

Minis – 1 CHF

  • OPI: My Voice is a Little Norse (glitter)
  • OPI: My Doglsed is a Hybrid (green)
  • OPI: Thrill of Brazil (orange)
  • OPI: Samoan Sand (nude) SOLD
  • OPI: How Great is you Dane? (brown) SOLD
  • Deborah Lippmann: Running on Faith (silver)

Glisten & Glow holographics – 3 CHF

  • Rum & Coke (olive holographic) SOLD
  • Sloe Gin Fizz (red holographic) SOLD