31DC – Day 9: Rainbow


I am a certifiable sugar addict. Among my preferred saccharine indulgences, cupcakes rank near the top, because they are perfect: spongy cake topped with fluffy buttery clouds of frosting designed to mash your face into, and on top of that, they’re CUTE. Cupcakes are genius. Who doesn’t like cupcakes? Probably some people, but those people are wrong.

For the rainbow challenge, I decided to paint some rainbow-frosted cupcakes as an exercise in blending between colors. As you can see it didn’t work out as well here as it did with the orange slices of Day 2. I need more practice. In the meantime, I settled for bands of rainbow color and outlined them in off-white acrylic paint to help them pop.


The base polish is Nude Mood, a LiveLovePolish exclusive by Enchanted polish. I picked it up on impulse when it was low in stock, and didn’t expect to like it much once it arrived. On the nail, it surprised the heck out of me! The understated, grey-leaning hue looked surprisingly flattering on my skin tone. The pink shimmer complemented the nude base nicely, and the holographic is so fine that it doesn’t cloud the polish.


Just to drive the confectionery point home, I finished off my mani with KBShimmer’s Pink Sugar cuticle oil, which smells exactly like cotton candy. I got this as a rewards freebie from Harlow & Co. There are a lot of cuticle oils out there, and KBShimmer has a really broad range of scents. Plus, I adore the twisty pen. So convenient! While it’s not the first pink sugar scented oil I’ve tried, it’s one of the nicest, and let’s be honest, you can never have too many cuticle oils.


Stay tuned for Day 10, coming soon!


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