31 Day Challenge – Day 3: Yellow

Corn nails.

What can I say about these? Well, they are corn nails. Corn, on my nails. Except painted, not real. That would be gross. Beyond that? I think they speak for themselves.

corn nails 2
Corn nails.

Bring on the corn puns. Go on. BRING ‘EM.

corn nails 1
Corn naaaails.

Freehanded over China Glaze’s Metro Pollen-tin. Made with love and a soupcon of “why-the-hell-not?”.

I really enjoyed these. They got a lot of compliments, usually to the tune of “I’ve never seen that before,” which is fair because I hadn’t either.

Oh and at one stage I went for a walk and there were cornfields.


Yeah so that was Day 3: Yellow. It was a weird one.


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