Nail art heroes collaboration: update

Hey remember that Instagram collaboration I started where a bunch of us got together and recreated manis from our “nail art heroes”? It’s in its fourth iteration! And this month’s was the biggest yet…


That’s 18 participants! Holy shishkebabs that was a lot of tagging.

I love seeing what inspires other instagrammers. Among the famous nail artists who got tributes were Jenny Claire Fox, Robin Moses, and Lady and the Stamp! One person, @nail_stamping_addict was both participant and honoree! And that Jenny Claire Fox mani? It was one of the first complex freehand designs I tried over a year ago. Such nostalgia! So may connections! I love when challenges bring people together in unexpected ways.

Here’s a close-up of my recreation. The original is by the immensely talented Nailstorming. I really want to work on my freehand skills this month, and she’s one of the best nail artists to emulate in that respect.

nailstorming purple silver stripes.jpg

So yeah, this is big. Well, bigger than I ever expected. And I’m SO EXCITED. Are you on Instagram and want to join in the next collab? Cool! You can follow me (@marginailia) to make sure you catch the next announcement, and search the hashtag #nailartheroes to see what’s happened so far.

There’s a bright future ahead for this little collab.


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