New logo

I was graciously invited to paint nails at an upcoming community event. To advertise this on the posters, I needed to come up with a logo, a task completely foreign to me. My use of Photoshop has previously been limited to cropping, and curving that little watermark around my cuticles in photos. Fortunately, I am in possession of a generous husband with magical technical skills and a penchant for the same kind of humor as me. Together, we came up with this.

marginailia logo black on white.jpg

I think it’s a splendid mix of accessible, ornate, and tongue-in-cheek.

The degu cameos were unexpected. We dragged one into the top of the frame as a sort of joke, but when it fell into place we knew it had to stay there. I mean look at him. He’s majestic. We then added the second and third to round out our homage to our three little darlings.

degu hammock pile cropped.jpg
From top to bottom: Daithi, Mugs, and Ushi cuddle as only degus can.

The whole thing, cameos and all, is not unlike something you might find in a range of medieval manuscripts. Since I originally intended my channel to focus on medieval / fantasy inspired nail art, it seemed a perfect fit. It reinforces the “nerd culture” I boast in my channel’s log line.

See? Fancy border! Look at those skulls. Ugh, I miss manuscripts. (J. Paul Getty Museum MS  23, fols 146v-147)
And this one! Sneaky, cheeky faces in a 15th-century Flemish Book of Hours. (J. Paul Getty Museum, Master of Guillebert de Mets Hours)
And there was much rejoicing! I’m pretty sure I did my graduate palaeography exam on this exact page… (Bodleian MS Douce 93)

So after a long and occasionally gruelling afternoon, I have a logo I’m proud of. Look for it in my photos from here on out!


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