Ever After Polish: Jagged Heart & Sashay

Ever After Polish is a two-woman operation with a devoted fan following and products to back up their stellar reputation. When they were named among the up and coming brands on Peachy Polish’s blog, I decided to indulge in my first two Ever After polishes. I chose two shades with similar forumlas, the dove grey Jagged Heart, and the delicate pink Sashay. These are both crellies (thicker than a jelly, sheerer than a creme) packed with rainbow metallic flakes. I can honestly say I have nothing else like these.

jagged heart w mark 2
Nail art over Ever After polish – Jagged Heart

The design for this one was inspired by a Robin Moses tutorial (I LOVE her freehand painting). I wanted something muted and neutral to decorate this polish without overwhelming the color.

jagged heart bottle shot
Bottle shot! Look at that sexy macro.
jagged heart macro w mark
Close up of the rainbow flake goodness.

jagged heart w mark 1

It sparkles this much in indirect sunlight. Outdoors, it’s a sparklebomb.

This polish was three coats to reach full opacity, which is pretty standard for a crelly. The formula was outstandingly easy to work with. It set my hopes high for this brand, and the next polish didn’t disappoint.

Like Jagged Heart, Sashay had a smooth crelly formula that built up in three coats. This allows the polish base to look even and finished without being so opaque that it buries those lovely colored flakes. For my accent, I wanted to try a modified French tip. Zoya’s Iris and some good old fashioned acrylic paint helped me achieve this look.

sashay 1
Ever After – Sashay
sashay 2
The flakes aren’t as dense in this one, but there’s still a lot of sparkle.

Both polishes were still available when last I checked the website. They also do mystery boxes, prototypes, and core releases with a stunning range of finishes. If you haven’t tried Ever After , give it a go. They ship worldwide and are a pleasure to work with.

Have a favorite design of these two? Let me know!


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