ILNP Reminisce: A radioactive peacock super villain

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, it’s no surprise to you that I love the indie brand ILNP. Like, a lot. Irrationally so. I plan my pre-orders with the giddy, agonized anticipation most people reserve for their weddings.

What may surprise you is that I own shockingly few of ILNP’s coveted Ultrachrome polishes. The ones that I do have, though, are without compare. Today I’m cracking open a fresh bottle of Reminisce H.

Opaque in three smooth coats, Reminisce H shifts from electric grass green to cool, saturated teal; the “H” for holographic means it winks with bits of spectraflair in direct light. If cellophane is unicorn skin, then this polish is concentrated peacock swagger with a dusting of tiny rainbows. It also, weirdly, puts me in mind of the Riddler.

The modest middle of Reminisce’s color range, captured in diffuse lighting.
close up green w mark
The more electric end of the spectrum.

I used a vinyl from Polished Vino to outline the paisley-amoeba shapes, then filled in the details using acrylic craft paint. The color scheme adds to the Riddler vibe, no? Unintentional, I admit, but still cool! On my Cinderella hand, I went for a matching matte glitter topper. This is Formula X’s Chaotic.

reminiscence with glitter

If you haven’t tried multichrome polish (or for that matter a multichome holo), this one’s worth your while.


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