Love is a 2-player game

Welcome to my inaugural blog post! This will be a hub for my nail designs, nail-related musings, and video tutorials, like a fusion of my  YouTube channel and Instagram page, but with more room to meander and squee.

This Valentine’s Day, bad puns and turns of phrase were in no short supply in the nail art channels of the social media-verse. Case in point, I’d need extra hands to count the designs I saw with R2-D2 and some variation of “U R2 cute”. In carrying the Dad-humor torch, I turned a tired sentiment on its head, asserting that not only is love a game for two, but it’s also the sort of game that requires a board.

meeple love
Behold! A happy meeple valentine.

The figure in the “O” spot is a meeple, a wooden figurine that represents the player in a number of classic board games, like Carcassonne. It’s a nod to my buddies at the local Board Games Association who hold a two-player game night every Valentine’s Day. Cute, right?


All the detail was done using acrylic craft paint. For the base of this design, I used A England’s Gloriana, a fabulous gold-flecked red foil with a metallic sheen. Picture it like those Lindt chocolate foil wrappers, but on your nails.

Much like the decadent Lindor wrapper, Gloriana is not intended for human consumption. Image:

If you’re outside the UK, you can pick up Gloriana at Hypnotic Polish, among other fine e-tailers who offer international shipping. Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog and… *scrunches up face in concentration, propelling Jedi mind powers pastward* Happy retroactive Valentine’s Day! (Did it work?)


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